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Interview on foreign policy shifts in Trump’s first hundred days (CNBC.com) April 26, 2017

Posted by daviddavenport in Op/Eds.
From an interview with Jeff Daniels of CNBC, in an article: “With reality setting in, Trump shifts course on some key foreign policies in first hundred days.”
My excerpts below:
” I think what Trump has decided is that, yes, I’m concerned about China and its economic impact but I’m going to put those on the back burner,” said David Davenport, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, a California-based public policy think tank at Stanford University. “At the moment, it’s China’s ability to help us isolate North Korea that is more important.”

Davenport also believes labeling Trump’s switch on some policies a “flip-flop” as some have done is unfair. “It’s a little strong and inaccurate. Any president has to deal with some subtleties of timing and playing one priority off against another, and I think that’s what we see Trump doing.”


“It’s fine to have foreign policy objectives but sometimes national security events just come up unexpectedly and are sort of beyond our control and end up overriding your long-term foreign policy strategies,” said Davenport.

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