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The Trump Flurry (National radio commentary, Salem/Townhall) February 14, 2017

Posted by daviddavenport in Op/Eds.

Not since the days of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, under the pressures of the Great Depression, have we seen an opening presidential act like Donald Trump’s. We have sent special forces to Yemen, left the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement, reopened major pipeline projects, nominated a Supreme Court justice, and changed the rules of immigration. At least one of his executive orders on travel is likely on its way to the Supreme Court.

We’ve seen strange scenes—Democrats holding a Senate sleepover to oppose a cabinet nominee, followed by the Vice President showing up to break a tie vote. We have praised old enemies and insulted allies.


How do we account for this presidential flurry of activity?  Some think Trump likes to create distractions, overwhelming the media and the government.  Perhaps it’s his businessman’s inclination to tackle several things at once.

But clearly both the media and the government will need to adjust to a new pace and a new style.  If people wanted change in Washington, they are certainly getting it.


To listen to the audio:  http://www.townhallreview.com

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