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Fear More Federal Deficits (National radio commentary, Salem/Townhall) January 7, 2017

Posted by daviddavenport in Op/Eds.
One topic that has pretty much been dropped from the political conversation is the federal debt. Under President Obama, the federal debt has nearly doubled, from around $10 trillion to $20 trillion. Unfortunately, it could grow even more under President Donald Trump.

In the campaign, Trump said he loved debt, having built a successful business career with it. If debt becomes a problem, he said he would renegotiate it with other countries, a very tough sell. And he talks about lots of federal spending, rebuilding the military and spending $1 trillion on infrastructure, while lowering taxes. It would take an unrealistic amount of economic growth to balance that budget.

The growing federal debt is a national security risk, placing too much of our economic future in the hands of other countries such as China.  And it is an unfair transfer of responsibility from this generation to the next.

One meaningful step would be to finally address overblown entitlement programs.  But something must be done about the debt.

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