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States Could be Winners with Trump (National radio commentary, Salem/Townhall) December 28, 2016

Posted by daviddavenport in Radio Commentaries.
Since Ronald Reagan, Republican and Democrat presidents alike have grown the federal government and its role in our lives. From No Child Left Behind to environmental laws, the pattern has been more and more federal regulation.

The Trump administration may finally swing the pendulum of government power back toward the states.  As a conservative former governor, vice president Mike Pence will champion state control. The new Secretary of Education favors vouchers, which means less government power over education. The heads of Energy and the Environment are both state officials who have fought federal power.

The most important questions the Trump administration can ask are:  should the government act and, if so, which branch and which level? When the federal government has taken over everything from healthcare to the environment and education, it’s high time for an administration that asks those important federalism questions and returns power to individuals and to the states, as promised in the 9th and 10th Amendments.


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