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California Seceding From President Trump’s U.S. (National radio commentary, Salem/Townhall) December 10, 2016

Posted by daviddavenport in Politics, Radio Commentaries.

To the list of 23 celebrities who have said they are leaving the country if Donald Trump became President, we can now add one of the 50 states.  An effort is under way for California to secede from Donald Trump’s United States. “Calexit” seeks a ballot initiative or a constitutional amendment for California to leave the Union.

Perhaps they should study their American history because the last time this was tried, by the Confederate States in the 1860s, it ended rather badly.  There is simply no constitutional basis for nullification or exit from the Union.

Meanwhile, San Francisco’s Mayor said they are doubling down on being a sanctuary city, openly welcoming and harboring people who violate the federal immigration laws.  San Franciscans are incensed that Trump might pull their federal money for this.

Californians live in a bit of a dream world, voting radically differently than most any place else in the U.S.  But even California must learn that elections have consequences.


To listen to the podcast:  www.townhallreview.com

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