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“Rugged Individualism: Dead or Alive?” (New Davenport/Lloyd book available soon) November 29, 2016

Posted by daviddavenport in Op/Eds.

I’m pleased to share that Gordon Lloyd’s and my new book, “Rugged Individualism: Dead or Alive?” has been published by Hoover Press and will be available for purchase on January 1.


Following up on our 2013 book, “The New Deal and Modern American Conservatism:  A Defining Rivalry,” Gordon and I explore the powerful metaphor of the American rugged individual, tracing his birth at the founding, through his growth on the American frontier, into the life-threatening Progressive Era and New Deal, to his fragile existence today.  We close by seeing some hope for rugged individualism in the coming decades.

You can preorder the book at Amazon:


Hoover Press, the publisher, tells me they will be able to sell copies early (in a few days), hopefully in time for your Christmas shopping!



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