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Cracking the Blue Wall (National radio commentary, Salem/Townhall) November 27, 2016

Posted by daviddavenport in Op/Eds.

This is David Davenport of the Hoover Institution for Townhall.com.

The surprise of the 2016 election was Donald Trump’s ability to crack the Democrats’ blue wall of industrial states in the upper Midwest and East. He accomplished this by beating Hillary Clinton by a 40% margin among white working-class voters.

Now we are learning that most of these Trump voters were not poor or unemployed themselves, but worried about the American dream for their children. They want a more robust economy with good jobs, not more welfare. American dream. Jobs. Trump. That was the winning formula.

Obama’s big accomplishment, adding health care to the welfare safety net, remains unpopular, with exit polls showing voters felt it went too far. Obamacare. Welfare state. Clinton. A losing formula.

Maybe there’s still some rugged individualism left in America.

I’m David Davenport.

To listen: http://www.townhallreview.com

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