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State Lawsuits Over Bathrooms About Federal-State Power (National Radio Commentary, Salem/Townhall) June 13, 2016

Posted by daviddavenport in Op/Eds.
Many cases before the U.S. Supreme Court seem to be about healthcare or education or civil rights but, at a deeper level, they are about federal versus state power.  In fact, that is why 11 states recently sued the Obama administration over federal guidance about transgender bathroom rights.

Historically K-12 education has been a classic matter of local and state control.  But first came No Child Left Behind, then Common Core, now transgender bathrooms, and it would appear that the federal government is very much taking over our schools.  Since the Constitution does not empower the federal government to run education, this is all accomplished by threatening to give or withhold federal funding.

Yes the case is about transgender civil rights, and also the privacy and religious rights of other students.  But it is also an attempt by the federal government to carry out a social experiment on state and local schools.

As Texas governor Greg Abbott put it, “Obama is not king.”

To listen to the audio at Townhall.com:



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