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Judge Erases History (National Radio Commentary at Salem Radio/Townhall.com April 24, 2016

Posted by daviddavenport in Radio Commentaries.

College students, seeking to remove the names of campus founders who don’t live up to contemporary standards, aren’t the only ones erasing history.  A federal judge in Los Angeles has done some erasing of her own, saying the little tiny cross on top of a mission depicted on the county seal must go.

The Los Angeles County seal is a patchwork of history—a ship, a fish, the Hollywood Bowl, a mission church, and so forth.  But a lawsuit sought to remove the cross from the top of the mission, and a federal judge agreed that it violated the First Amendment establishment clause.

Apparently it’s more important these days to be politically correct than historically correct, because the missions (and crosses) are very much a part of California history. Reflecting that heritage on the seal hardly rates as an endorsement of the Catholic Church, much less an establishment of religion.

I can understand naïve college students endorsing this silliness, but not a federal judge.

To listen to the audio at Townhall.com:


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