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Budget Cuts in Utopia (National Radio Commentary, Salem/Townhall) October 30, 2015

Posted by daviddavenport in Op/Eds.
Even utopia has fallen on hard times.  While Democratic candidates like Bernie Sanders point to Denmark and its vast welfare state as their ideal, that nation is running on empty.  A government commission there recently said they need to cut jobless benefits, after already implementing means testing for welfare support.

Denmark has finally hit the wall, with its economic growth at negative .5 percent and its tax rate at 48.6%. Even in utopia, those numbers just don’t work.

Clearly this should be a cautionary tale to today’s Democratic Party in the U.S.  Yet Sanders holds up Denmark as a role model for how to help working people, and Hillary Clinton agreed in the Democratic debate that it is an inspiring example.

But what does Denmark really teach us?  That you can’t suspend basic rules of economics.  That you can’t make a welfare safety net into a support system for an entire population.

Yes, Denmark has run the Democrats’ experiment for us … and it doesn’t work.

I’m David Davenport.

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