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Republican Disruptors Not Uber Successful (Salem/Townhall National Radio Commentary) October 27, 2015

Posted by daviddavenport in Radio Commentaries.

Republicans are becoming the party of disruptors. The Freedom Caucus in the House was successful at wearing out Speaker John Boehner and running off his likely successor Kevin McCarthy.  Meanwhile, in the presidential campaign, Republican disruptors are winning. The three outsiders—Trump, Carson and Fiorina—have a collective 54 percent in support, with all the rest who have been officeholders at 39 percent.

Silicon Valley companies have made disrupting a popular business model, reinventing entire industries. But they first develop a better idea which in turn disrupts a market. Take Uber as the classic case:  by developing more convenient and comfortable ways for people to get around, they disrupted the taxi industry.

Unfortunately Republicans have only half the disruptor DNA. They tend to want to shut down the government and get their hands on the levers of power, but they aren’t presenting new, better ways of doing things.  It will take a new House Speaker like policy wonk Paul Ryan, and successful presidential candidates who know how to govern to turn things around.

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