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America Enters the Post-Christian Era (National Radio Commentary, Salem/Townhall) July 22, 2015

Posted by daviddavenport in Op/Eds.

This is David Davenport of the Hoover Institution for Townhall.com.

Although it has been building for a while—with polls showing fewer people believe in God or attend church—mark Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Supreme Court decision about same-sex marriage as the beginning of the post-Christian era in America.

The decision was an amazing turn against the core beliefs and practices of conservative Christianity and other religions. The currency may still say “in God we trust” but that means only when we agree with God or when God keeps up with the times.

A new liberal post-Christian orthodoxy is sweeping the country, and sweeping out the historical notion of America as a Christian nation.

This will challenge churches, whose ancient beliefs in absolute truth will at least challenge their tax exemptions and may be considered hate speech.  Religious schools and hospitals will be at risk.  Religious people who feel obligated to follow their faith as bakers or florists or artists of various kinds will face impossible choices.

Welcome, America, to the post-Christian era.

I’m David Davenport.

(Suggested Air Date: 7-22-2014)

Link to audio at Townhall.com:  http://townhallreview.com/2015/07/davenport-america-enters-post-christian-era-7-22-15/

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