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California Raisins and the New Deal (National Radio Commentary on Salem/Townhall) July 21, 2015

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Davenport: California Raisins and the New Deal 7-15-15

For those discouraged over other late-term Supreme Court decisions, you might have missed one they got right.  The Court held that taking a farmer’s raisins as part of a New Deal-era price support and subsidy program was a “taking” under the 5thamendment of the Constitution and had to be compensated.

Although the Department of Agriculture is studying the matter, this could be a blow to other antiquated farm subsidies from the 1930s.  And it is a strike against the New Deal policies themselves which, unbelievably, are still on the books.

This is the problem with grand government programs to deal with emergencies—the laws don’t end when the crisis is over. Other New Deal era gifts that keep on giving today include the president’s aggressive use of executive orders, the growing federal deficit and Social Security.

The Great Society gave us Medicare. And today, of course, we have Obamacare. Eighty years later, we’re still fighting big government solutions dating back to the New Deal.

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