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Liberal vs. Conservative Parenting (National Radio Commentary / Salem-Townhall.com) October 8, 2014

Posted by daviddavenport in Op/Eds, Radio Commentaries.

Can you guess the one key difference in how liberal and conservative parents raise their children?  Actually, you don’t have to guess, a recent survey by the Pew Foundation tells us.

Despite significant similarity in what conservative and liberal parents try to teach their children—being responsible, well mannered, hard-working and the like—the striking difference is liberal parents’ strong emphasis on “tolerance” versus conservative parents emphasizing religious values.  Liberal parents value the teaching of tolerance 3 or 4 times more than conservative parents, whereas conservatives value the teaching of religious values two to one over liberal parents.

It would appear that liberal parents are prevailing, with studies showing young people less committed to absolute truth.  The Founders held that to maintain a free republic, a virtuous people was needed, which in turn depended on religion.  Time will tell whether or not the virtue and responsibility needed to undergird freedom can be maintained where tolerance is upheld as a higher virtue than religious notions of truth. 

Link to Townhall.com audio:  http://townhall.com/talkradio/dailycommentary/699167

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