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The Failing Blue State Experiment (Townhall.com) June 5, 2013

Posted by daviddavenport in Radio Commentaries.

As is often the case, California is on the bleeding edge, now trying to prove that a high-tax, high-regulation, blue-state model of governance is the path for the 21st century. But even Californians aren’t buying it. Who could blame them? California has:

• The highest taxes
• The lowest bond rating
• The highest poverty rate
• The highest unemployment rate
• The most cities going bankrupt
• Judged the worst state to do business
• And a prison system so poorly run a federal judge has taken it over

And while Governor Jerry Brown talks about the newly balanced budget, that doesn’t take into account the millions of dollars of projected deficits in the pension system. California, which was a magnet drawing millions of new people 75 years ago is now losing people to other states. Looks like the blue state model is one to avoid.

Please click on the link to listen to the audio: http://townhall.com/talkradio/audioplayer/673286

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