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Mitt’s Credentials (Townhall.com) April 12, 2012

Posted by daviddavenport in Radio Commentaries.

As Mitt Romney consolidates his hold on the Republican nomination, a number of folks are puzzled that conservatives have not fully embraced him. But there has long been a tension in the Republican party between the more pragmatic, business leaders and the more philosophical conservatives.

Business leaders are out to make things work, to create an environment for success.  Philosophical conservatives want to see their principles heard and embraced. 

As Romney says, his pragmatic approach addresses issue number 1 in the campaign: the economy—and it will connect well with centrist voters in the fall.  But to cap his successful run for the nomination, he should also make clear the deep principles in which he believes.    

And he can nominate a strong philosophical conservative for vice president, all of which positions him to be a very serious contender in the fall.

To listen to the audio please click on the link:  http://townhall.com/talkradio/dailycommentary/637674

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