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The Federal-State Tug of War (Townhall.com) August 25, 2010

Posted by daviddavenport in Radio Commentaries.

Federal courts are full of cases today where state and federal power are 

Courtesy of Townhall.com

 squaring off.  Cases in California and Massachusetts ask whether state or federal branches should define marriage. The immigration battle in Arizona is primarily a question of federal vs. state power. The constitutional battle over health care asks whether the federal government has the power to regulate it.  

Why are all these federal vs. state questions suddenly in the air? Because we have a president and both houses of congress all from the same political party, seeking to regulate everywhere, as FDR did in the 1930s. 

Let’s hope that our courts act as a check and balance against these unconstitutional expansions of federal power, and that the fall elections restore balance in Congress. 

To listen to the audio:  http://townhall.com/TalkRadio/Show.aspx?RadioShowID=11&ContentGuid=c18d1536-d057-48a7-b4e5-665d69d64225

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