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The Left-Leaning Academy (Townhall.com) February 16, 2010

Posted by daviddavenport in Radio Commentaries.

A recent book and a current study address a problem most of us have long 

Courtesy of Townhall.com

 known about—the leftward tilt of American university faculties. Not only are faculty predominantly liberal politically but today’s generation of younger faculty feel free to share their personal opinions very openly, whether in a class on biology, English or politics. 

A recent study asks why this is true and concludes it is typecasting—people go into the field expecting that field to be secular and liberal—and so it is. More conservative people look toward careers in business or engineering. 

It’s an interesting theory, but we can’t wait several generations to do something about it.  Donors, board members, parents and students have more leverage than they may think.  Choose colleges wisely, select courses carefully and make gifts selectively.  We don’t need an academic tower of Pisa, always leaning in one direction.

To listen to the audio:   http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/townhall-news-commentary/listen/the-left-leaning-academy-87649.html



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