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Joe Biden’s Real Values (Townhall.com) September 25, 2008

Posted by daviddavenport in Radio Commentaries.

Joe Biden’s recent release of 10 years of tax returns drew little notice,  

Courtesy of Townhall.com

but there’s at least one telling fact there:  Biden gives precious little to charity.

Compared to the average American household’s generous gift of 2% of adjusted gross income, Biden consistently gives less than ½ of 1%­ one year donating only $120 of the more than $200,000 he made. His 10-year average is less than ¼ of 1%.
It’s been said that if you want to know a man’s priorities, look at his checkbook and his calendar. While the Democratic ticket talks about faith-based initiatives, charter schools and the important role of the private sector, Biden’s checkbook doesn’t pass the test. 

To listen to the audio:  http://townhall.com/TalkRadio/Show.aspx?RadioShowID=11&ContentGuid=3020d59a-daff-4323-b684-8ac0361483f4



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